Turn on your Holidays with Alexa!

Turn on your Holidays with Alexa!

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Mr_Funny_Bones_somb_finalHow did I ever get along without Alexa?!! This voice-activated, connected home assistant, weather-tellin’, homework helpin’, bingo playin’, joke-tellin’, music streaming bluetooth speaker from Amazon is nothing short of AWESOME! The Amazon Echo connects my home’s tech like no other device has. It links up with my Philips Hue bulbs & even allows me to create groups of connected devices in the Amazon Alexa app for different tasks or moods. For example, I set up my living room lights individually as lamp and fan, but made a group including both bulbs, which I named ‘Lights’. No longer does my family use a phone or touch a wall switch to control our home automation… we just simply say, “Hey, Alexa! Turn on the lights!” The Echo also links up with my WeMo switches from Belkin, so that whatever device you have plugged into the WeMo can be controlled by simply asking Alexa to turn it on. A feature that is particularly fun for the holidays… a fog machine for your Halloween party, for instance! I could go on & on, but it’s much more fun┬áto see this tech in action! I made this little Halloween video to give you a taste of how you can really turn your holidays on with Alexa!

*WARNING: extreme amount of Halloween dorkiness shown*

P.S. Amazon was generous enough to give me these amazing products in exchange for my honest review, but you can snag yourself these items from the links I provided above! ;D



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