Wood Lover Wednesday - Persimmon

Wood Lover Wednesday – Persimmon

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As I was picking up some walnut from my local¬†AdvantageLumber.com for a bench I’m building, I spied this incredible wall of Persimmon wood slabs! Isn’t it magnificient?! I don’t think you have to be a wood geek like me to see the beauty in this White Ebony. In a perfect world, I imagine Persimmon as an incredible piano veneer, it’s movement echoing that of the music played, but in reality it’s not very workable since it’s Janka is 2300, prone to bugs, and constantly flexing.

persimmonPersimmon has very wide, pale yellow sapwood with it’s very thin heartwood being brown/black in color. The heartwood is usually less than an inch wide with a straight grain & medium/coarse texture. Persimmon is great for wood turning, making for stunning golf club heads and small objects. I might just have to find me a lathe! ;D


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