It’s sooo haaaaarrrrdddd to say goodbye… to furniture!!

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A classic Boyz II Men song comes to mind every time I sell a piece that I’ve painstakingly refinished. Dramatic? Yep, sure am, but justifiably so… I happily put my blood (albeit only a splinter’s worth so far, knock on wood), sweat, and tears into every piece that I work on. pencil_beforeA piece of me goes into each piece, if that makes any sense, hehe. In fact, if I had it my way, I wouldn’t sell my most recent work… I would have a lovely circular foyer where this beautiful table would rest right smack in the middle of, properly dressed with a vase of fresh flowers on top along with a gorgeous rug and my little guys’ shoes strewn about underneath. But, alas, I do not have a foyer (pronounce it the hoighty toighty way while reading, please), so therefore this beauty is up on the auction block. *insert sad face here* Though it does turn my frown upside down when someone falls in love with my refinished pieces and gives them a happy home!  Here’s hoping this table finds a new owner before I swoon any harder!




This beauty was a wobbly, dinged up, sad-lookin’ wooden doorstop when we met, but I bathed her in 4 coats of Miss Mustard Seed’s ‘Typewriter’ milk paint (adding bonding agent in the first two coats) & topped her off with some clear Briwax. The end result is a super cool finish that looks exactly like it was sculpted from a huge block of no. 2 pencil lead & I ADORE it! But, no! I cannot fall in love!! I am selling it since I don’t have a foyer… maybe I should just move so I can keep it! ;)



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2 thoughts on “It’s sooo haaaaarrrrdddd to say goodbye… to furniture!!

  1. Gwen

    Your table is classic beauty. Isn’t Typewriter a wonderful color? I totally understand your dilemma. Recently I painted a Bombay coffee table and a little desk/vanity in MMS Typewriter. I LOVE the results of both and don’t want to part with them, especially the little desk. I plan to do nightstands for my bedroom in Typewriter. Hopefully will get to start tomorrow.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. SawdustOnMyBoot Post author

      Hi there, Gwen!! Thanks so much for the kind words & YES, Typewriter is beautiful!! I hope to find a piece that has Boxwood written all over it next time I’m out furniture hunting!! ;D Happy painting to you!!!


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