Forsythia Wreath for my Barn Door

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Ahh, Spring is here! The smell of flowers and fresh-cut grass is in the air, so I decided to get myself a fake forsythia wreath to dress up my barn door, hehe! It might not give me a green thumb, but it does get me in the spirit to garden!! That’s half the battle in turning your black thumb green, right? Happy Spring to y’all!


Have you done any Spring decorating in your home? :D

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4 thoughts on “Forsythia Wreath for my Barn Door

  1. A City Girl

    That wreath reminded me that my Forsythia never bloomed this year… Perhaps because my new neighbor cut it all down when they moved in and I am just now noticing. It was the dividing hedge between our properties which I guess was actually theirs and not mine. Such a shame because it was always beautiful for a month or two. You wreath looks nice though LOL.

    1. SawdustOnMyBoot Post author

      Aww, what a shame!! Forsythia reminds me of spring & is a happy, uplifting plant for me… well, the artificial forsythia that is, since I have a black thumb, hehe!! ;) I wonder how hard it would be to grow some on your side of the property line?!


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