Easy Peasy Momma Bear Chair Refinish

Easy Peasy Momma Bear Chair Refinish

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I found this gorgeous caned chair for just five bucks at a thrift store… only one problem… it’s caning was completely destroyed. I knew I could bring it back to life + I fell in love with it’s turned legs so I just had to bring her home!

peasyworkThis was a fairly simple refinish… all I had to do was remove the caning, cut out a piece of wood with a jigsaw, sand down the edges, upholster it with a $2 remnant, create some braces for the seat to screw into from underneath, and give it a little waxing! Easy peasy! I’m ecstatic about the way it turned out & I hope to find the perfect Poppa Bear Chair soon!


… love to link back to http://missmustardseed.com & http://frenchcountrycottage.blogspot.com

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