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Lovely Liebster Award Nod

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Today is a wonderful day! I was nominated for a Liebster Award… in German meaning lovely, I think of it as a newbie blogger badge of honor given by fellow newbs! I love the concept and am honored to have been nominated by Keia, an amazing blogger over at Improving Me With Keia Lee! Thank you for being so thoughtful, Keia! You put the lovely in Leibster!

Were you nominated or do you have someone in mind that you’d like to nominate? If so, here are the Liebster Rules:

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions I have answered below.
3. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award (you can use the ones below).
4. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

11 facts about myself…
I am an overprotective Momma, perfectionist, borderline germopobic, tickle torturing, worry wart, who finds joy in composition, color theory, working with my hands, while chewing fruity bubble gum, listenin’ to oldies, and gettin’ sawdust on my boots! ;) <–might’ve cheated a little there!

11 questions answered…
1. Why did you start blogging?
Honestly, I started blogging because my hubby has no interest in Furniture Refinishing, Art, or DIY projects, but I wanted to chat about these things and connect with others that enjoy them!

2. If you could eat lunch anywhere in the world, where and what would you eat?
Hmmm, I would want to go to Ireland and eat some authentic corned beef and cabbage!

3. Whom, what, where does your blogging inspiration come from?
I gain inspiration from finding beautiful pieces of design and stunning furniture… whether I see it in a photograph or go hunting for a piece to restore, then I come back here and write about the fun process!

4. How do you handle a stressful day?
I distract myself with the things I love… my little guys & my work!

5. What do you hope that your children remember about you?
My biggest fear is passing on before my children know how much I love them & can remember the happy memories we shared… so above all else, I just want my children to remember me smiling at them because of how happy they made me!

6. What is your favorite recipe?
Yeah, um, I don’t really cook. My little guys enjoy my specialty, Hamburger Helper with veggies… needless to say, Daddy does most of the cooking in our home!

7. What is your favorite quote?
“I once complained that I had no shoes, until I met a man that had no feet” … reminds me to be grateful & that my family is blessed!

8. What projects are you working on right now?
Yikes, I happen to have too many going on at once at the moment, but I really need to finish… refinishing a side table, 2 dining chairs, and a dining table + I want to make an antique-looking wood window with a landscape scene for the wall next to our interior sliding barn door (which I need to write a post about)!

9. What is the best thing about you?
I would have to say my sweetness & ability to empathize with others!

10. Will you follow the bloggers that you nominate?
Without a doubt, YES!

11. What makes you giggle?
Being silly with my little guys & watching the show ‘An Idiot Abroad’! Hahahahaha!

The lovely up-and-coming Bloggers I nominated for the Liebster Award…

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Vicky – A Lovely Little Addiction
Nicole – Crazy Life with My 3 Boys
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Karen – Karen’s Soiree
Holly – not done growing
Amanda – Modern Hippie Momma
Natalie – Plutonium Sox

Have a lovely day y’all! ;D

A nook for my family…

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Hey y’all! Thanks for visiting!

This built-in was a blast to design and build! My family needed seating for our teeny tiny kitchen so creating a board and batten banquette was at the top of my to-do list. Clocking in at two weeks (worked on it intermittently while watching my adorable toddlers) & costing $150 bucks (would’ve been higher had it not been for an electrician friend that ran an outlet into it, which I built the little door for). This project was well worth the time and money spent + my family loves it which makes me over-the-moon happy!

Here’s a quick photographic step-by-step in case this project is also on your to-do list!


I built the bench frame just as you would a freestanding wall… over-killing it a tad since I wanted it to be super sturdy for my little guys. I used #8 wood screws, wood glue, and 2 x 4’s from pallets. The top of the bench is 3/4 oak plywood (oak is stronger than pine), covered with two coats of Behr latex paint in Polar Bear. I implemented a board and batten style on the exterior of the frame… battens built from 1 x 3’s & 1 x 4’s & boards are 1/4″ hardboard with finish trim on the top and bottom, all caulked then painted with two coats of semi-gloss latex. I added a small door on the end in order to plug our electronics into the outlet inside the banquette. The simple H hinges, bling knob, and pop of chartreuse paint accent the bench beautifully & I hope to have an aqua-colored cushion made for my family’s nook soon!

Nothing turns a house into a home quite like built-ins! I am ecstatic about how it turned out & you will not regret tackling a project like this yourself! Happy DIY’ing to you!!


… better ‘After” photo & dining room table refinish coming soon!


3 months later photo shown above with my sweet little guy enjoying it… read about my future plans for my family’s nook here! :)))

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Shipwrecked Mersman – Extremely Distressed Table Refinish

Hello again! I have had the color aqua on the brain lately for some reason, so I decided to paint this antique Mersman end table in Aqua Bay by Behr, along with a darker aqua from a custom color match of a plate on my kitchen wall. The results are refreshing and reminiscent of what a shipwrecked piece of furniture might resemble.

shipwreckedangle_sombI see it perfectly at home in an old Key West Hotel… I try to think of a concept for each piece before I refinish it, wether that concept be authentic, traditional, or in this case, shipwrecked, which is more in the lines of furniture as a canvas. Here’s the step-by-step… hope you enjoy!


Normally I like to restore wood to it’s former glory, but in this case, it’s grain was nothing to write home about & the top was water damaged so this piece became a perfect candidate for a new paint job. My current favorite color is aqua, maybe it’s the spring in the air, or taking my little guys out to the beach… whatever it is, I’m in color love with aqua at the moment! I like to be thrifty, so it’s also the color of my sliding barn door handle (post coming soon). To paint this piece I bought two Behr samples, at not even $4 each, they are a very economical choice and more than enough to cover a few small pieces of furniture. I primed the top before applying Behr’s Aqua Bay flat latex because I wanted the top to stay a more solid color even after distressing & waxing. The rest of the piece I painted a darker shade of aqua, followed by the lighter shade, so that when distressing it would have a beautiful depth to it.
I let the paint dry for a couple hours before taking a scouring pad to the top, distressing it just enough to let let the white primer and slices of wood show through. Then I went on to distressing the rest by dipping 0000 steel wool into the Briwax tin and vigorously rubbing the paint off. Everyone has different preferences on what products they use. I use Briwax (a solvent based blend of beeswax and carnauba wax) because it’s economical and available at my local hardware store + I received a respirator for Christmas, so I don’t mind whatever smell the wax might have. I achieved this extremely distressed look by taking a lot of the paint finish off while rubbing the wax on. I let it dry for a few minutes then rubbed the wax off with an old t-shirt cut into very small rags, giving it the soft sheen that you can only get with furniture wax. *wax on, wax off* In order to get the warm glow you have to buff the wax off until it no longer feels tacky and your fingers glide on the piece without sticking. It feels so beautifully smooth to the touch, even though it looks incredibly rough! Here in Florida, this extremely distressed look in an oceanic color melds perfectly into any beach-lover’s space.


Thank you for visiting!

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Easy Peasy Momma Bear Chair Refinish


I found this gorgeous caned chair for just five bucks at a thrift store… only one problem… it’s caning was completely destroyed. I knew I could bring it back to life + I fell in love with it’s turned legs so I just had to bring her home!

peasyworkThis was a fairly simple refinish… all I had to do was remove the caning, cut out a piece of wood with a jigsaw, sand down the edges, upholster it with a $2 remnant, create some braces for the seat to screw into from underneath, and give it a little waxing! Easy peasy! I’m ecstatic about the way it turned out & I hope to find the perfect Poppa Bear Chair soon!


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